Apr 172014

XT Innovations seats – Buggies Gone Wild Golf Cart Forum

The new custom seats were designed and created by XT Innovations www.xt-
innovations.com. First thing I need to say is the customer service …

XT Series with Micro-Channel Air CoilXT Series with Micro-Channel Air Coil
Check out upcoming improvements to our XT Series Multi-Positional vertical geothermal heat pumps featuring an all-new Aluminum Micro-Chanel Air Coil. This al…

fwdlive-leveraging-ict-with-mobileFWD_LIVE: Leveraging ICT with mobile
from GeniChannel, 3 years ago in Business
Gen-i FWD_LIVE presentation about Mobility solutions that combine mobile with fixed line, broadband and IT to help you achieve new levels of business efficiency and productivity, cost efficiency, staff engagement and customer service.

Simple Lens Turns Smartphone into Microscope
Novus Light Technologies Today, on Wed, 16 Apr 2014 06:16:09 -0700
Users stick it flat onto a smartphone camera lens, turn on an external light source such as a lamp, then run the device in camera mode. Moving the device closer or …. Innovations in Optics, Inc. introduces LumiBright UV Boards for… Lake Shore

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Apr 172014

Innovation – Synonyms and More from the Free Merriam-Webster …

something (as a device) created for the first time through the use of the
imagination <the computer is one innovation that revolutionized the business

New school hip hop

into the common vernacular as synonyms for “old” and “new” (witness One of hip hop’s most important producers and innovators, Marley Marl

Lean is not a synonym for AgileLean is not a synonym for Agile
In this third part of an interview series for Lean IT 2013, CI&T’s VP of Innovation, Leonardo Mattiazzi discusses his main take-away from the conference incl…

Scholastic aptitude no more – White House pushes jobs training today …
Politico, on Wed, 16 Apr 2014 07:03:45 -0700
Students will be asked the best synonym for “intense” in this context — emotional? brilliant? concentrated? determined? (Answer: Concentrated.) The math section will include some open response questions in addition to multiple choice. …. their

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Apr 162014

DO cert attempt for Benders Battlefield- 360lb O-1 in IMPsDO cert attempt for Benders Battlefield- 360lb O-1 in IMPs
Tried a piece of O-1 DR 9/32 x 7″ calibrated at 360lbs by Mike K, in IMPs. DO is new to me, kink is still really difficult but I am working at it. Check out …

improve-high-valueconsulting-2012Imp³rove high value-consulting 2012
from francisco77pp, 1 year ago in Technology
innovation, SMEs, IMP3ROVE, European Commission, 7th Framework Programme

BMW at the 114th New York International Auto Show 2014
Automotive World, on Thu, 03 Apr 2014 15:30:00 -0700
New York marks the world premiere of both the new BMW X4 (fuel consumption combined: 8.3–5.0* l/100 km [34.0–56.5* mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 193–131* g/km), the BMW M4 Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 9.1–8.7 l/100 km [31–32.5 mpg imp

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Apr 162014

Solution focused brief therapy

Solution focused brief therapy (SFBT, often referred to as simply ‘solution focused 1980s built on that of a number of other innovators,

PENTAX K-x Movie SamplePENTAX K-x Movie Sample

Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung), on Mon, 24 Mar 2014 21:46:22 -0700
Therm-App? transforms Android devices into powerful night vision and thermography cameras Opgal Optronic Industries, a leading global provider of thermal imaging solutions, ? weiterlesen … news-infoline.com schreibt: “An Innovator”s Guide to E-Mail …

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